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Thermal Insulation

Sound Insulation

Room Acoustics

Noise Control

Fire Protection


Structural Design

Health and Safety


Heat protection certificates and reports for residential and non-residential buildings

Energetic building design

Heat protection certificates and reports for summer periodes

Calculation of thermal bridges (2D und 3D)

Technical reports

Thermal and hycric measurements

Thermal and hygric simulations (TAS, WUFI)

Thermal protection against moisture (vapor diffusion)

Design and optimization of passive houses and low-energy buildings

Air-thightness test on buildings (Blower Door - Messungen)

Air-borne insulation reports according to DIN 4109

Individual consulting and optimization of air-borne insulation

Quality tests according to DIN 4109, DIN 140 and others

Air-borne and structure-borne insulation measurements

Technical reports

Structure-borne Insulation

Room acoustics calculation according to DIN 18041

Room acoustics simulation

Room acoustics improvement in new buildings and renovations

Measurements of room acoustics parameters

Technical reports

Prediction, measurements and technical reports

Prediction and measurements according to TA-Lärm

Prediction for construction projects in industrial and commercial areas, for traffic-noise, aircraft-noise, sports facilities and leisure facilities

Prediction and measurements according to AVV-Baulärm

Measuring station (including weather data) for long therm measurements

Vibration measurements

Daylight simulations

Studies of shading

Studies of exposure to direct sunlight

Determination of the daylight ratio

Influence of constructions and shading to sun exposure

Interior daylight optimization

Daylight optimization in urban fields

Preventive fire protection design

Constructive fire protection design

Fire protection officer services

Fire dynamics and smoke control simulations

Evacuation simulations

Structural design for new building projects and renovations

Certified structural planning in historical monuments and historic buildings

Health and Safety coordination (SiGeKo)

Asbest- sowie Mineralfaserrevision nach TRGS 519 und TRGS 521.


We are a registered member of the Chamber of Engineers of Hesse (body of public law) and are particularly committed to meeting the high requirements of engineering. Through continuous and targeted further education and training, we meet high quality requirements and thus make an important contribution to consumer protection.

Our core competences are in structural engineering, building physics, the preparation of fire protection certificates, the preparation of heat and noise proof certificates, and in safety and health coordination. Find out more about our range of services here.

Our project teams are interdisciplinary and work hand in hand. This ensures that your tasks are always handled by competent specialists.

Our steadily growing customer base and satisfied regular customers always confirm the quality of our performance. Let us convince you!

Member of the Technical Chamber of Hessen under no. 21954

Proof authorized for stability under no. St-1857A-IngKH

Proof authorized for fire prevention under no. B-357A-IngKH

Proof authorized for thermal insulation under no. W-1718a-IngKH

Proof authorized for sound insulation under no. SC-980A-IngKH

Fire Protection Planer (IngKH) | Fire protection officer

Energy consultant for residential and non-residential buildings and KfW Efficiency Expert

Certified Structural Engineer for Monumental building

Health and Safety Coordinator


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